Luis Feito

Born in 1929, in Madrid, Luis Feito trained at the Escuela superior de bellas artes de San Fernando, Madrid, in 1950. His early figurative style was followed by an experimentation in Cubism which eventually evolved to abstract expressionism.

In 1955, he relocated to Paris to study the avant-garde movement. He remained in close contact with his Spanish contemporaries and was a founding member of the group El Paso in Madrid (1957–60) with artists Rafael Canogar, Juana Francés, Manolo Millares, Manuel Rivera, Antonio Suárez, Antonio Saura, Pablo Serrano, Martín Chirino and Manuel Viola, which was one of the first avant-garde movements in Spain under General Franco. The group promoted informalism, the importance of the gesture rather than geometry and the pre-eminence of the plasticity of raw materials rather than concept. The dynamism of this young group introduced abstraction to Spain, and had a profound impact on European art that is still felt today. In the late 50s and early 60s, Luis Feito created rich surfaces, often using sand to create texture, in monochromatic scale colors. The colors are sober yet the contrasts of texture and tone create a feeling of inner light. Feito's recent work shows an energy, intensity and passion for painting that is stronger than ever. The palette has been simplified to black and red. The dynamic red brushstrokes are reminiscent of oriental art, where an image is reduced to its core. Luis Feito lives and works in Madrid, Spain.

Selected Works

Oil on canvas


Official Order of Arts and Letters, France.
David Bright prize, XXX Venice Biennale.
U.M.A.M. Prize, I Paris Biennale.
II Mediterranean Art Biennale, Cairo/Athens.
I Mediterranean Art Biennale Alexandria.

Museums & Collections

Guggenheim Foundation, New York, USA
Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
Museum of Modern Art Michigan, USA
Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, USA
Baltimore Museum, Baltimore, USA
Seattle Museum, Seattle, USA
Houston Museum, Houston, USA
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Spain
Museum of Abstract Art, Cuenca, Spain
Fundacion Juan March, Madrid, Spain - Patrimonio Nacional, Madrid Spain
Ateneum Meuseum, Helsinki, Finland
Royal Museums, Belgium
Museum of Modern Art, Rome, Italy
Lisson Museum, Italy
Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Museum of Fine Art, Montreal, Canada
Toronto Art Museum, Toronto, Canada
National Museum, Ottawa, Canada
Museum of Modern Art, Nagaoka, Japan
Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, Japan
Bridgestone Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Gothenburg Museum, Gothenburg, Sweden
National Museum of Modern Art, Paris, France
Verviers Museum, Belgium
Cantini Museum, Marseille, France
Chaux-de-Fonds Museum, Switzerland
Tamayo Museum, Mexico City, Mexico
Haifa Museum, Israel
Museum of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt

Luis Feito, Madrid, Spain 2013

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